Cafe Moto | San Diego |

Café Moto in San Diego on a side street just of the 5 Freeway in lower San Diego’s Logan area is a bustling Coffee shop, Roaster, Store, Supplier and by far the best coffee in the area.

 There all in one shop provides some surprising choices from Blue Sky dark Roast to Organic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and even Papua New Guinea “Purosa A Grade” Organic Coffees. So, you can get a sense of their vast selections.

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We tried there Organic Fair Trade Columbian Coffee and found it fresh, strong and a little bitter but, after a little cream it was fine.

The prices here are fair. The service friendly and prompt and the atmosphere is cool.

We bought a bag of their Triple Cert French Roast Fair Trade-Organic Guatemalan from the Huehuetango region called Super G to take home and found it a very good, strong, Vanilla hinted, sweet Coffee.

 If you’re in the south end of San Diego stop by this out of the way Coffee house and enjoy a fine cup of coffee.

On a 1-10 Café Moto gets a 7

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