Tonyan Coffee | Apple Valley, CA |

Tonyan  Coffee located in the middle of the High Desert above Los Angeles in a strip mall in no where Apple Valley is probably one of the best coffee shop finds in L.A.

In the High Desert the people are independent, spirited, and yet easy going and so is there Coffee.

Fairly priced…Good service..Small. This coffee shop sourses and roast it’s own beans. With a very big selection on sale over the bar of maybe 10 different makes of coffee all Organic. We settled on 2…Mexican Chiapas and Double French along with a Chiapas Ice Coffee…other than Coffees there is not much else except for a small selection of pastries, we elected there chocolate chip cookie……

The Mexican Chiapas was a medium brew, sweet no bitterness, mellow yet strong. I liked it a lot…I even bought a bag @ $12 to take home and have enjoyed it all week…highly recommend it. … The Double French is usually what I prefer a strong powerful, wake you up and get you rolling type coffee, and this was all of that with no bitterness very clean, fresh. I added a little cream to mellow it a little further and wala…another great recommendation. …

In summary, Tonyan is one of the best Coffee Roasters in the entire L.A. area. The coffee is all Organic, Roasted fresh blended thoughtfully , the area selected Coffees are exceptional….do your self a favor and check these guys out….

Tonyan Coffee

13528 Nomwaket Rd. Ste.A

Apple Valley, Ca. 92307


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