Thursday Night Blues | Las Vegas, NV |

The Blues is the only music I can listen to all day.
I like many other styles, yet it is only the blues that will bring me on home. Take me through a timeless ride of Happiness, Sorrow, Pain, Remembering lost love, Playing the Fool, Betrayals or just time pasted by.
Switch it on and go about my business and enjoy yet never tire of.
Slow backbeat a Searing lead and a scratchy Smokey vocal.


Even in a downtown L.A. bar you can feel that Mississippi juke joint vibe with that simple two line verse cutting into your soul.
Bluesmen don’t play for money there isn’t much, or fame.
Long Van rides, cheap food and small Clubs.
Yet, even today long after this music has pasted it still persist…. like an old beauty queen long past her prime she refuses to let go of the past.


Great Blues albums come around generationally from Eric Clapton’s “From the Cradle” back to BB Kings “Live in Japan” and “Live at the Regal” to Texas Bluesman Stevie Ray Vaughn’s “Couldn’t Stand the Weather” and all the way up north to Buddy Guy’s “Sweet Tea”
From the beginning of Albert King’s “Crosscut Saw” you can feel the emotions of a simple riff and exactly what he means to be a Crosscut Saw.


The Blues in life sometimes overwhelms you and you think all I need now is to hear songs reinforcing what I am feeling, but it has almost the exact opposite effect. By reassuring you that you’re not alone, how could they know exactly what I am feeling, yet what he was singing about , a crosscut saw explained exactly how I was feeling and  I understood it all and how applied to my life.


The state of Blues today is good. Festivals pop up all summer. Great new artist arrive and old artist grow old gracefully. The British invasion may be over but the American renaissance has reemerged. When trendy music comes and disappears The Blues have remained, gotten stronger, bolder even prospered.


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