Puesto Restaurant | San Diego | Coffeepuss.com

Located in the Yuppie high rise area of downtown San Diego near the Midway Aircraft Carrier. Puesto might be one of the 5 best Taco stops in San Diego. But,be warned, bring your wallet because it might also be the most expensive taco stop in San Diego. A very trendy, hip, cool, place with music blaring and tight seating. The service is fair and slow. The ambiance is impressive.

These tacos are delicious. Marinated meats with hand made tortillas, fresh salsas all with custom brewed beer and every tequila you’ve never heard of.

They carry an assortment of San Diego Craft Beers with names like, Ballast Point Sculpin IPA and Cervezeria Wendlandt Vaquita Marina Pale. I settled on the Agua Mala Astillero IPA a dark beer strong but sweet and it was a great choice. There tequila selections are impressive all high end with shots starting at around 10 bucks. If your in the mood for Mezcal they even carry that.

Food wise we settled for a simple fare of tacos and beer. We started with Carnitas and Lamb Barbacoa and then tried 2 Carnitas tacos. All were superb, cooked perfect, seasoned perfect and marinated perfect. The chips were standard fair.The Antojitos of dockside market ceviche was Ok not great sort of touristy.


Overall opinion  on the food is come for the tacos and the beer……..and don’t forget to check you card balance before you leave home.

Overall on a 1-10 Puesto gets an 8



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