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Tacos El Gordo…. Yesterday we visited the best Taco Stop in California, by chance, on a quick trip to San Diego and back we stopped by a Taco Shop that we have heard of, from several Travelers as being the best in California… I am not one who readily agrees with other opinions, but, in this case I do….Located on “H” Street in Chula Vista, Ca. Just south of downtown San Diego (they also have other San Diego locations, plus several Las Vegas Locations) A Small quaint simple store front , humble and easy to miss. Parking was tight, the inside was clean, all self service and crowded. The Staff speaks English and Spanish and were both polite and very friendly.


As you can see from our check the Bill was $22.68 for that we got 6 Tacos and 3 Drinks. Three spicy pork Adobada Tacos one with Queso and three Asada  Tacos along with 3 large Horchatas a sweet rice drink.


These tacos are sublime, Real with a flavor straight out of Baja. This is what Mexican Tacos are suppose to be. Basic, Simple with a sweet, mild sauce topped with guacamole. The cilantro and pico de gallo are a great balance to the marinated beef. The adobada Prepared on a raised skewer where the pork is placed in layers until it reaches the top of the skewer braised from the outer sides until shaved off for your Taco. It was  marinated in an adobada sauce first and then fire roasted which is why this method of cooking Adobada is the best and most authentic. Served to you simply on your red plastic tray which you take to the register, pay, get your cups, get your drinks, then sit down and enjoy the best tacos in California


Called Tijuana Style. Tacos El Gordo also has tacos Sudadero, Cabeza, Buche, Lengua, Tripa, Azteca and Chroizo if you in an adventurous mood. No burritos, No Quesodillas, only Tacos

on a 1-10   Tacos El Gordo gets a Big 10

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