Best Restaurant in Ensenada, Mexico |

Manzanilla is the best restaurant that we have been to this year in fact it might be one of the top 3 we have ever been to. If you did not know where Manzanilla was you would never find it. Near the downtown tourist zone not far from the cruise ships down a side entrance to the harbor just before the entrance lie Manzanilla.

You enter through a back gate way into a gravel garden with outdoor bench tables and into a dining room that is both modern and eclectic yet traditional Connected tables and a fine wooden bar set the scene.

The menu is front loaded with seafood bought from the local famous black market caught fresh daily and served fresh nightly. They have a daily plate recommendation along with steaks, pastas, appetizers and desserts all done with a Mexican twist.

I settled for the Arrachera Rancho El 17 con Polenta de Chile Guaillo y Verduritas. Steak with Polenta and Chile with Vegetables. It was superbly cooked on a open grill with a nice char yet perfectly medium inside, season just right, marinated just right, even in the States I don’t remember finding a steak I liked as much as this one.

We also ordered a dozen Clams on the half shell which were sublime arriving  in a beautiful presentation that could not diminish there freshness. The pasta was also surprising delicious. Hand made Fidellini de Tomates a las Brasas Albahaca with a great tomato sauce simple yet delicious.

Manzanilla 4manzanilla 5jpgManzanillaj.pgsonora_beef_manzanilla
(photos courtesy of Manzanilla)

We also had two Mexican Craft beers. We did not have room for dessert. A fine meal with great service in comfortable atmosphere. The best thing of all the the total check with tip included was 65US$ for two.

Manzanilla was voted one of the top 50 Restaurants in Latin America and I would say they are one of the top 50 the all the Americas. Superb Restaurant, Superb Service…Treat yourself and visit Manzanilla.

On a 1-10   Manzanilla gets a 10

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